Thoughtful reception seating

Never underestimate the impact a good reception design can have on your clients, visitors and employees.  The reception is your chance to make the right impression by telling your brand story and introducing your office culture to your potential clients. Thoughtful seating is an integral part of any reception area that contributes to letting your visitor/ client sit […]

What makes a breakout space successful

Breakout Spaces are primarily used by employees that want to get away from their desks which means this space is used to relax, have lunch and have some creative collaboration. A well – designed and well-equipped breakout space is the key to influence employee well being and productivity during their time away from the formal […]

How to create workplace synergy.

Space planning can play a major role in affecting your workplace synergy. But what does workplace synergy really mean?  You might be aware of the benefits of cross pollination of ideas in business, where you bring people from diverse skill sets, allowing their knowledge and experience to boost productivity and get significant results. Synergy is nothing […]